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"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history."

- Mahatma Gandhi


We work with startups and train potential student entrepreneurs who are aiming to bring a significant change, either in their business model, in scale of operations, or both. To succeed in this endeavor, our clients need a specific type of consultant- someone who is a problem solver. Typically, such a person is entrepreneurial and passionate, thinks out of the box, has an idea where the problem lies, how to analyze it and most importantly, what would serve as a perfect solution for it. Such people have lived and worked in different continents and countries. They have worked on exciting projects. They have taken risks and have scars to show for it.  

We call such people, “Transformational Consultants”. We have worked over the last 3 years to build a network of such people, reaching out to them across universities, across industries and across the gamut of functional roles. Time and again, we have seen magic happen when we find the perfect solutions for our clients! And this is what drives us and keeps us motivated each day. We are passionate and excited about the impact such individuals can have in building the next generation of iconic organizations in the corporate sector.

                                                P. Shravan Kumar 

                                                Founder & CEO




Riddhi Bhanushali.jpeg


Head: Compliance and Legal Affairs

Adv Riddhi Bhanushali is a lawyer by profession and an entrepreneur by passion. She completed her LLB from Mumbai University in 2021 and successfully qualified AIBE in 2022. Riddhi is the Author of an anthology titled, "Motivation Masters". She is very passionate about entrepreneurship and corporate law and is an innovative and creative individual who wishes to make a difference.

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Head HR

A writer by profession and a HR by passion, Vaishali is the Author/Compiler of "Time Travels with Memories". An Arts Graduate in reality, she is quite passionate about active communication and it's role in the successful running of an organization. Being a Hodophile by nature, Vaishali dreams of travelling the world and bringing a global revolution in the startup ecosystem.

Dijvijay Pawar.jpeg


Head-Business Development & Growth

An engineer by profession and writer by passion, Digvijay is the Author/Compiler of "The Symposiums of the Unheard Writs". Digvijay is very passionate about marketing and business development activities which lead to the overall growth of a firm in the long run. He is quite enthusiastic about stock markets and content creation, and invests in sustainable startups working for community impact.

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Chief Strategic Alliance Advisor

An Alumni of Delhi University with an experience of 2 years in the edtech industry, Aditi is a management professional specializing in corporate negotiations and communications. Being a Teacher by passion, she wishes to create an impact in the world with the help of her creative genius and influential speaking skills. Aditi believes that cooperation, coordination and collaboration is the way to consistent success. 

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