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"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history."

- Mahatma Gandhi



Our Executive Management Team comprises of highly accomplished Industry Experts and outstanding network of Associates spread across 30+ countries working together with a unified passion for helping aspiring young entrepreneurs work to elevate their strategic vision, improve their cash flow, develop strong team managed companies, become global business leaders, and execute operations efficiently and effectively. Our dedication, experience, and support are evident by our track record of helping 100’s of Entrepreneurs build their Startups successfully.




P. Shravan Kumar, our Founder & CEO has previously worked as an Associate Solicitor at the Supreme Court of India and the High Court of Karnataka with Senior Advocates, advising Fortune 500 companies such as Tata Group and Maruti Suzuki Ltd on legal matters at the age of 19. He has also worked as an Analyst with the M&A Teams of Citigroup and JP Morgan, leading Wall Street Banks, to assist multinational firms in the beaverages and gaming industries from US and Malaysia make acquisition decisions.

Shravan has worked with multiple startups from various industries such as Edtech, publication, legal services and ODR as a Project Consultant and helped increase their revenues 10x over. He authored and publish
ed his first book, "The Saga of Fantasies" at 20 which is quoted as one of the Top 100 best-selling Short-story Books on Google Play Books and Amazon. Shravan is the Host of SK A&G Conference Series, one of the most viewed Round-table Conference Series of all time and a Certified Project Management Professional from IIM Kashipur, one of the Top B-Schools in India. With a diverse experience in market research, project management, business strategy, sales and law Shravan is a multi-talented professional with the belief, "Try until you succeed!"



Head of Human Resources

A HR by profession and an Entrepreneur by passion, Vaishali is the Author of "Time Travels with Memories", a bestselling Anthology. A MBA Grad from Bharti Vidyapeeth University, she is quite passionate about Team building and it's role in the successful running of an organization. Being a Hodophile by nature, Vaishali dreams of traveling the world and bringing a global revolution in the startup ecosystem.

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Strategic Alliance Advisor

An Alumni of Delhi University and a Teacher by profession, Aditi is a Strategic Alliance Professional with almost 3 years of experience in collaborations and alliances.  She has also worked at multiple EdTechs as an Educational Counsellor and Manager for 2 years prior to developing a keen passion in the startup ecosystem. With a proven track record of excellent creative thinking abilities, Aditi is extremely ambitious by nature.



Head of Compliance & Public Relations

Armed with a Bachelor's from KiiT University and a Master's from Manipal University, Srishti has a keen passion towards learning and growth in terms of startups, R&D, business collaborations and emerging corporate laws. Ambitious and objective oriented  by nature, Srishti leads our Compliance and Public Relations Teams with the sole goal to increase our outreach and spread our message.

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Head of Strategic Partnerships

A Customer Service Executive with 3+ years of experience in the BPO industry, Anjali is an enthusiastic young professional with a Bachelor's and Master's in Psychology from Pune. She's extremely passionate about using the Design Thinking approach to find innovative solutions for existing problems. Anjali strongly believes in creating a path in those jungles where none exist. Extremely independent and intellectual by nature, she's loves thinking!

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