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Mr. P. Shravan Kumar, our honorable Founder, is a highly accomplished professional with a background in finance and business management. With his extensive experience working at top firms like JP Morgan and Citigroup as well as his education from prestigious institutions like IIM Kashipur and XLRI Jamshedpur, Mr. Kumar brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our organization. His vision for the company is to provide innovative solutions that help businesses succeed in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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From The Founder's Desk

At SK A&G, we envision a dynamic future where our passion for fostering entrepreneurship transforms the aspirations of student innovators into the backbone of our national economy. Our dream is to be the catalyst for budding entrepreneurs across the nation, guiding them to establish impactful firms that span diverse industries. We specialize in collaborating with startups, imparting invaluable training to aspiring student entrepreneurs who aspire to bring about significant change in their business models, scale of operations, or both. Our network comprises 5,000+ Associates, who seek transformative solutions—those who possess an entrepreneurial spirit, think innovatively, and have the insight to pinpoint problems and devise strategic solutions. These individuals, whom we fondly term 'Transformational Consultants,' are seasoned professionals with a global perspective. Having lived and worked across continents, they bring a wealth of experience, having successfully navigated exciting projects and embraced risks, earning the scars of resilience. Over the past three years, we've diligently built a network of these exceptional individuals, spanning universities, industries, and various functional roles. Our commitment is fueled by the belief that magic happens when we connect our clients with the perfect solutions. This passion propels us daily, as we eagerly anticipate the profound impact these individuals can have in
shaping the next generation of iconic organizations within the corporate sector. At SK A&G, we are not just consultants; we are architects of transformative success stories, dedicated to driving positive change and building a legacy of iconic, future-ready organizations.


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