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Clapping Audience


We’ve created SK A&G to help aspiring Founders and CEOs like you break through your ceiling and build the business model of your dreams. We can customize your entrepreneurial journey, your industry and your business model to help you build a Team-Managed Company that can thrive without you there and a scalable model so you can multiply your reach, impact and profits.


As a Start-up Founder looking to build and scale your company to maximize your potential, impact and outputs, you have some awfully large goals on your to-do list. Those goals can be completely achievable-if you have the right kind of support and guidance in place.

Growing a business to the $1 million mark-and then scaling it to $10 million, $20 million, and beyond-takes specialized knowledge and a specific skillset from someone who's been there themselves. You'll face challenges, pitfalls, sticking points, and growing pains that you've never experienced before. With an experienced, successful CEO/Startup Advisor sharing their experience and guiding you toward success, you can get to where you want to go within a fraction of the time. Our clients build their revenue models and profits over and over again. In fact, many of them have stayed back as our Associates because after working with SK A&G, they cannot imagine parting from us!

The number of Entrepreneurs who know how to address these challenges–and have conquered them–is small. And the number of those that are willing and able to mentor others to empower young entrepreneurs is even smaller.

But you’ll find our team of SK A&G's Associate Mentors waiting to help you when you join SK A&G Global Student Entrepreneurs Bootcamp!

And when you enroll for this Student Entrepreneurs Bootcamp, they'll empower you with the strategies and tools to bring your "big, ambitious, audacious goals" to life... and to serve the world in a much bigger way.

They've faced the same issues, hit the same walls, and conquered the same challenges you're experiencing now and scaled to the other side successfully!

The difference between our Associate Mentors and a typical "business coach?" Our Mentors know the way through--and they'll be with you every step of the way as you build your dream Startup!


Dr Ajit Maurya (Mentor of Market Research)
P. Shravan Kumar (Mentor of Talent Acquisition)
Utkarsh Singh (Mentor of Website & App Development)
Satish Vijayan (Mentor of Digital Marketing)
Venkata Raghu Kumar Komari (Fundraising Mentor)
CA V. Narayanan (Mentor of Incorporation)
Udayraj Mahajan (Mentor of Website & App Development)
Dr Yogesh MS (Mentor of Market Research)
Dr Palakshi Pal (Mentor of Design Thinking)
CS Shairy Bansal (Mentor of Incorporation)
Meenakshi Tiwari (Mentor of Strategic Alliances)
Utkarsh Sardesai (Fundraising Mentor)
Jaya Panjwani (Mentor of Digital Marketing)
Swati Setiya (Mentor of Talent Acquisition)
Shuchita Verma (Mentor of Strategic Alliance)
Divyanshi Ratn (Mentor of Design Thinking)
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