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From Vision to Reality: How SK A&G's initiatives are fueling Entrepreneurial Spirit among India's Youth

P. Shravan Kumar (Published in International Journal of Scientific Research in Engineering and Management Volume 8 Issue 7) The research paper explores the role of SK Associates & Group’s entrepreneurship initiatives in fueling the entrepreneurial drive among Indian youth through entrepreneurship boot camps and conference series. A detailed investigation is conducted by employing mixed-method approach of both qualitative and quantitative analysis to assess the crucial impact it played in catalyzing the entrepreneurial spirit among aspiring entrepreneurs which have results on economic development of a nation. Qualitative data was collected through in-depth customer feedback surveys and video interviews of 10 successful participants who were able to gain proper knowledge and support to navigate through the complexities during their entrepreneurial journey which was then supported by conducting quantitative analysis of the participants’ feedback for cohort 1, cohort 2 and conference series to validate the results obtained during qualitative analysis. 

The findings highlight that SK Associate & Group’ entrepreneurship initiatives to boost entrepreneurial drive was extremely positive due to modelling a comprehensive structure of boot camp program and conference series which helped them to gain necessary skills, expand their professional network community, provided them with easy access to resources and helped them raise investments entrepreneurial journey. It also highlighted how tailored mentorship and robust support system allowed them to establish sustainable startups, with success stories providing substantial support to the claim of how entrepreneurship can be boosted by establishing targeted entrepreneurship education with development programs in India.

Existing literatures on entrepreneurship development through targeted boot camp programs are mentioned to establish support the implications of the results obtained through the analysis. The research also attempts to mention all the limitations faced due to sample size and generalizability, etc and how it can be combated in future assessments.

These insights obtained by this study provides suggestion regarding policy enhancements, entrepreneurial activities and entrepreneurial education to ensure a sustainable growth in entrepreneurial landscape. This means the necessity of policies that ensure sufficient investment to improve the entrepreneurial education programs like that offered by SK Associates & Group. It also emphasizes on fostering a proper environment for future innovators and aspiring entrepreneurs to successfully navigate their entrepreneurial journey with success that not only improves the quality of life but also improve the nations’ economic status and accelerate growth and development in emerging countries like India.

IJSREM Vision to Reality
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Keywords: Entrepreneurial landscape, Entrepreneurship Development, Indian Youth, Mentorship, SK Associates & Group.

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