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The Solo Star Of Gujarat's Auditing Industry: A CA's Story From The Shadow's To The Spotlight

Freelancers have made it big multiple times. But Mubassir has changed the face of the auditing industry in Gujarat. See how a CA from the lower rungs of the society builds a brand based on integrity, honesty and righteousness.

Born to a government clerk, Mubassir always heard stories of corrupt bureaucrats, government officials, and businessmen who made huge profits by exploiting the loopholes in various laws. Mubassir always wanted to reveal their true faces to the world.

After he grew up, Mubassir qualified as a CA with the sole objective to unearth corrupt professionals and get them punished for their crimes. He also pursued a Bachelor's and Master's in Commerce and completed his Apprenticeship for 3 years under GK Chokshi & Co. Chartered Accountants in Ahmedabad.

Mubassir has changed the face of the auditing industry in Gujarat. See how a CA from the lower rungs of the society builds a brand based on integrity, honesty and righteousness.
The Story of a CA who transformed the Auditing Industry

Mubassir learnt multiple skills during his Apprenticeship Training such as Forensic Audit, Internal Audit, Compliance Audit, Tax Audit, IT Audit, Operational Audit, Due Diligence Audit, Anti-Money Laundering Audit, Fraud Risk Assessment and others to achieve his dreams. However, when he setup practice from his home after getting his license; he realized that no Directors were interested in having their organization's corrupt operations discovered. All of them demanded for confidential disclosure of such details.

The Actual Problem: Defamation

After talking and discussing the scope of such investigative audits with the Directors of many private companies, Mubassir understood that none of them wanted their company's name in the media for indulgence in illegal or unlawful activities. Mubassir was extremely worried as his usual style of auditing firms was bringing him a handsome income but the purpose of his life stayed unfulfilled.

The Long Wait For The Right Moment

Thus, began the usual routine of life wherein Mubassir audited various companies normally during the day, while he spent the night praying for some miracle to happen so that he could fulfill the purpose of his life. Meanwhile during the 3 years of his wait, Mubassir got married and was even blessed with a healthy son.

All was going fine, till a day when Mubassir came across the news of an infrastructure company in the sustainable energy industry, which issued electoral bonds of worth three lakh crores to a political party. This incident fueled the fire in him and he searched the internet for business consultants who could advise him. Mubassir came across an ad of our upcoming Conference on LinkedIn and registered for it.

The Student Entrepreneurs Bootcamp

Mubassir was happy to talk to so many Senior C-Suite Management Professionals and Auditors throughout the Conferences & Bootcamp once he registered for them. His questions about investigation of financial crimes and disclosure of the same started disappearing one-by-one.

Mubassir listed 100+ Public Listed Companies during the Bootcamp and sent proposals to all of their Directors. He ended negotiations with them in the second month of the Bootcamp itself; successfully signing retainership agreements with 50 PSU's in Gujarat for upcoming five years of audits.

His attempts bore fruits in October '23 when Mubassirmehendi & Associates reported 7 Directors of BRIL to CBI on charges of alleged bribery of Rs 20 lakh to favour a contractor to bag a Rs 56 Crore tender for an EMRS in Orissa. Mubassir was proud of having enrolled for this Bootcamp which helped him learn how to keep trying and realize his dream.

The Scene Today

Mubassir might have spent five years waiting for the right opportunity though, he eventually succeeded under the able mentorship of experienced industry experts like CA Sharad Paliwal, CA Yogesh Chandra Pokhrana & many others who guided him on the right path to establishing his dream venture and building his brand to develop our nation.

Mubassir still consults his Mentors before making major decisions in his business to ensure he's on the right path. His consistent efforts and strong willpower to reach his goal despite the challenges faced on the way is exemplary for all upcoming entrepreneurs to learn from. Mubassir's perseverance, resilience and faith in SK A&G helped him turn his dreams into reality.

Do you want to emerge a successful freelancer in the auditing industry just like Mubassir did? What are you waiting for?

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