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From Proprietor to Managing Director: Meet a Company Secretary who built a Mega Auditing Firm in Kolkata

Dolesh, a first generation Auditor was finding it difficult to expand his practice by himself. Know how he started a Mega Auditing Firm with two other Partners in Kolkata.

Dolesh always wished to build a Mega Auditing Firm providing all types of audits and compliance services. He wanted to see his firm spread across West Bengal, Jharkhand and Orissa to provide his services to various businesses.

Unlike any normal student, Dolesh always wished to be his own boss. He worked hard for 5 years to clear all 3 levels of Company Secretaryship, an auditing qualification provided by ICSI in India. Later he began practicing as a Company Secretary in Kolkata.

From Proprietor to Managing Director: Meet a Company Secretary who built a Mega Auditing Firm in Kolkata
CS P. Doleshwar Rao

Dolesh began practice in Jan 2015 and, even though, he had to struggle to compete with other auditors in the market who had the previous generations of their families supporting them. He built his own clientele by catering high-quality internal audit, secretarial audit and incorporation services to various private and public listed companies across West Bengal. Meanwhile he also enrolled for a LLB in the same year to increase his knowledge and improve his competitive ranking in the market.

Becoming a Solopreneur

When clients started pouring in, Dolesh realized that it was time to hire and build an internal team. Since it's difficult trusting random people; Dolesh began his own venture naming it "PD Rao & Associates" and hired 5 Trainees to support his business operations. Slowly, he expanded his clientele to 50 companies in Kolkata itself when one day, one highly satisfied client of his referred him to a company in Kharagpur.

Entering New Markets

Day by day, Dolesh started gaining fame in Kolkata, Kharagpur & even expanded to Jamshedpur. Now arose an issue: Who would deal with clients in case Dolesh had clashing schedules? Dolesh spent many sleepless nights, before he met FCS Rupanjana De (Former Chairman of EIRC of ICSI) and discussed his concern with her.

Rupanjana advised Dolesh to consult SK A&G and wonder what he did next? He visited our website and enrolled for the Bootcamp. Dolesh spent the next 4 months attending various mentorship sessions with multiple experienced auditors, CEO's and business mentors. Meanwhile, his father passed away in the second month of his mentorship; strengthening his resolve to become one of the Top 3 Auditors of India.

Finding The Right Partners

Dolesh met two Chartered Accountants from Kolkata: a Senior CA who had worked with PwC for 30 years and a young CA who had a strong ambition to grow in life. He discussed expansion plans, capital investments, clienteles, commercial perspectives and related matters with his Partners alongwith their personal interests and preferences.

After meeting them consistently for over 3 months and collaborating with them on a few projects, Dolesh finally incorporated a Mega Auditing Firm by the name of "GwC Professional Services Pvt Ltd" in Kolkata with its head offices near Salt Lake City.

The Scene Today

Dolesh still believes that the Student Entrepreneurs Bootcamp opened his eyes by teaching him headhunting, recruitment, evaluation, prototype testing and other skills which later prove beneficial while he was searching his own Co-Founders. Dolesh misses those sessions he had with his Mentors and wishes he could live those days again.

From CA Amarjit Chopra (Former National President of ICAI) to CA Arun Kumar Srivatsava (Former Independent Director of NMDC, SAIL & GAIL) Dolesh remembers many of his Mentors who challenged his ideas and thoughts to help him see everything in a new way; ultimately leading to his life-changing business decision.

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