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From Dreams to Reality: Meet the Mumbaikar who built his own Plastic Recycling Unit to save Mother Earth

Updated: May 20

Bhagwan was a young boy in second year of his engineering at Mumbai University when he wished he do something to reduce pollution. And lo! See what happened!

Bhagwan always wanted to do something to save Mother Earth unlike the rest of his family members who just wanted to make a fat buck!

He spent 3 years in college worrying how to reduce pollution till he chanced upon the idea of establishing a plastic recycling unit in Mumbai. And then, he met Digvijay, his Senior!

From Dreams to Reality: Meet the Mumbaikar who built his own Plastic Recycling Unit to save Mother Earth by joining hands with SK Associates & Group
From Dreams to Reality: Meet the Mumbaikar who built his own Plastic Recycling Unit to save Mother Earth

Digvijay told Bhagwan about SK Associates & Group, a Tier 1 Startup Consultancy which was helped aspiring student entrepreneurs realize their dreams! Bhagwan wondered, "Seriously? But how?" That's when Digvijay told Bhagwan about how SK A&G's Student Entrepreneurs Bootcamp help multiple youngsters learn important skills like website building, digital marketing, fundraising, incorporation and others which later on, help them while building their businesses.

First Step Towards Success

When Bhagwan began his sessions for the Student Entrepreneurs Bootcamp in March '23, he had many questions. But as he navigated through the sessions, one by one, he began feeling he was inching closer to building his dream. The knowledge he gained while building his own website, registering his startup and drafting offer letters and vendor agreements; made him feel like a Soldier gathering his weapons for an upcoming war. He was extremely proud of him learnings when he completed all the Bootcamp modules.

Navigating Legal Complexities

Now rose the question, "How will I bring my idea into existence?" All Bhagwan had by the end of the Bootcamp was the B-Plan of a Plastic Recycling Unit he wished to start and a patch of field he had inherited from his grandfather. Bhagwan reached out to Digvijay and shared his concern.

Digvijay connected Bhagwan with Anjali Kumari, our star Incorporation Consultant who had a discussion with him on his requirements. Anjali then registered a MSME for Bhagwan within 60 minutes and mailed him the Incorporation Certificate alongwith her wishes.

Money is Honey

Now arose the biggest hurdle of an entrepreneurs journey: the quest for funds! Bhagwan pitched many Angels, VC's and Private Investors; but with no results. He still didn't loose hope and kept trying till March '24 till he again chanced upon a Conference hosted by us where he expressed his concern to raise funds.

And lo! Our CEO came to his rescue! Shravan made a call to a the DGM of CitizenCredit Cooperative Bank in Santa Cruz (Mumbai), who in turn connected him with their Kurla branch. The next day as Bhagwan visited the Kurla Branch of the bank gathering his remaining hopes, the bank gave a thumbs up after an hour of diplomatic talks.

Bhagwan filed the application and received the loan in the next 24 hours to purchase the Recycling Equipment for his Plant. His dream was finally achieved!

The Scene Today

Bhagwan today still cannot believe that he finally did take the first step his life towards saving the environment by building his Plastic Recycling Unit. He is working hard to increase production and purify the environment as much as possible. His brothers and parents have joined his venture to extend their support to him.

Bhagwan later met Digvijay and thanked him for his advice by treating him to a Pizza. He also thanked Anjali for the fact paced incorporation support she extended to him. And most of all, he thanked Shravan and invited him as a Chief Guest in the inauguration of his Plant.

Do you want to launch your business just like Bhagwan did? What are you waiting for?

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