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From Rags to Riches: How did a Boy from Rural Uttar Pradesh make it to South Delhi by being an Accountant?

How did Sandeep emerge to be his own boss from an average underpaid employee? Hear how an underprivileged first generation accountant from UP became a HNI in South Delhi just by freelancing!

Entrepreneurs don't just build startups. They build their dreams, generate employment and uplift the social status of their family.

Many youths relocate to the comfort of their peaceful villages to busting cities daily for employment, education and many other similar reasons. Sandeep was one of them.

How did Sandeep emerge to be his own boss from an average underpaid employee? Hear how an underprivileged first generation accountant from UP became a HNI in South Delhi just by freelancing!
From Rags to Riches

After graduating from Pandit Deen Dayal Gorakhpur University with a Bachelor's in Commerce in 2017, Sandeep worked hard to clear the second level of Company Secretaryship (an auditing qualification offered by ICSI). At last in 2019, after 5 years of endless nights of perseverance, determination and hardwork, Sandeep cleared the second level of his CS and got a call from a leading Auditor in Delhi to commence his 3 years of Apprenticeship.

Welcome to Delhi: Dil Hindustan Ka

For the three years of his Apprenticeship, Sandeep worked throughout the day while he studied in the night. To reduce costs, he even lived in a 1BHK in Lakshmi Nagar, and cooked his own food without employing any mess or cooks. He worked tirelessly till 2021 to learn various skills such as bookkeeping, accounting, internal audit, tax audit, ITR filing, market research, incorporation of companies and many more.

Life as an Employee

Sandeep joined HTC Tea in Delhi after completing his Apprenticeship at Sunil Kushwah & Co. Chartered Accountants. Now, Sandeep has two responsibilities: firstly he had to clear the last level of CS to complete his education while on the other hand, he also had to earn well enough to support his family in Gorakhpur.

While Sandeep's current role as an Accountant at HTC Tea gave him a good income alongwith an opportunity to practice his skills, it also consumed 12 hours of his day (including travel). However, Sandeep continued to study hard keeping his faith in god intact.

The Student Entrepreneurs Bootcamp

Sandeep continued his routine till a bright evening in July '23 when he saw an ad on Facebook calling out for aspiring youths who were interested in building their own business empires. Sandeep felt a strong inclination towards the agenda of SK A&G after going our Facebook handle and he registered for the upcoming Conference.

The Conference dazzled Sandeep's young mind as he talked to various CEO's from France, Italy, UK, US and India. Sandeep straightaway paid and registered for our Bootcamp that very night; opening the doors to his bright future.

The next 4 months, Sandeep abandoned all his prep and study, and instead worked on learning various skills and business ideas from various Associate Mentors like Venkat Raghu Kumar Komari (CEO of IRIS Wealth Advisory, US), Jaya Panjwani (COO of Diginfo, India) and many other Entrepreneurs.

The Scene Today

Firstly, Sandeep registered himself on various freelancing platforms across the internet during the Bootcamp itself. He later on started taking projects for accounting, auditing, independent review, ITR filing, tax consulting, financial reporting and others. He made 80k in the first month of his freelancing including an assignment where he worked as a Sales Consultant with us too. Sandeep slowly scaled his income to 3 lakhs a month in June this year in his sixth month of freelancing and he still is eager to work for us again!

We're thankful to have mentored Sandeep since he also searched, selected and referred 30 other startup enthusiasts from Delhi to enroll in our Bootcamp in 2023 itself. He strongly believes that SK A&G has been his true God who heard his pleas for help.

Do you want to emerge from rags to riches just like Sandeep did? What are you waiting for?

Register for our Student Entrepreneurs Bootcamp here and win the golden opportunity to become the founder of an upcoming Unicorn!

Share Sandeep's story to your friends on LinkedIn or Facebook; and inspire aspiring entrepreneurs to realize their dreams like he did! leave a comment, and share their experience if they've used the product before.


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